About The Office of Partnerships

  • The Boston Public School's (BPS) Development and Partnerships team works to increase equitable access to funding, in-kind donations, volunteer opportunities, and high quality partnerships across our school district.​

    Our Mission Statement:

    Our mission at the Partnerships Office is to foster collaborative relationships between schools, central office departments and community and faith-based partners to create a dynamic and culturally responsive environment for our students and school communities. We are dedicated to cultivating strategic alliances with industry partners, non-profit and community organizations, and educational institutions that share our commitment to empowering students. Through innovative partnerships, we aim to enhance educational opportunities, bridge resource and opportunity gaps, and collectively nurture the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student. Our goal is to build a network of support that promotes equity, diversity, and excellence in education, ultimately preparing our students for success in a rapidly evolving world.

    About Development:

    Our development work supports the district in bringing philanthropic resources to its 54,000 students, families, teachers and administrators. Our core belief is that equity is at the cornerstone of transforming education. Our work maximizes BPS student outcomes by matching external funding, talent, and time with school needs.

    About Partnerships: 

    Our partnership work strives to provide equitable access to high-quality learning opportunities by vetting and assessing partners for quality, tracking the partner landscape through PartnerBPS.org, implementing the Partnership Fund, and building the capacity of schools, partners, and central office staff to effectively manage partnerships.


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