Health, Life, Dental & Vision Benefits

Health Benefits

  • The City of Boston Health Benefits Office (HBI) is pleased to offer BPS employees benefit programs that provide comprehensive coverage.



    Employees have 60 days from their effective date to complete the process of enrolling in the City's benefits programs. View the 2023-2024 City of Boston Benefits Enrollment Guide for enrollment forms and plan comparison chart. If you do not wish to enroll within 30 days of hire, you must then wait for the annual open enrollment period.

Group Life Insurance

  • You must enroll in basic life insurance if you wish to enroll in a City health insurance plan. The basic life insurance is a $5,000 group term policy. Some unions may be eligible to elect the $10,000 benefit. The cost for this benefit is shared 50/50 between the City and the employee. 

    If you enroll in basic life insurance and want additional coverage, you can also enroll in the optional life insurance policy for an amount up to your base salary (maximum amount is $74,000). The cost is based on the amount of coverage and your age and is 100 percent employee-paid.

    Please be advised that these benefits are not administered by the Health Benefits Office.

Key Points of Contact

Dental & Vision Benefits

  • Employees of Boston Public Schools have the following options to access coverage for Dental & Vision benefits based on their union or managerial status:


    Eligible Boston Teachers Union employees are able to enroll in Dental and Vision insurance coverage through the BTU Health & Welfare Fund. Employees need to contact the BTU H&WF at 617-288-5883 to receive enrollment forms and information on the Dental and Vision plans. For more information: Visit the BTU Health & Welfare Fund website at


    All other BPS Unions and School Leaders are eligible to enroll in the Massachusetts Public Employees Fund (MPE) Dental & Vision Insurance coverage. If eligible, you will receive an enrollment form after six months of working for Boston Public Schools from MPE. You'll have the choice between an indemnity plan or a network plan. You'll also be able to sign up for individual benefits or a family plan.

    For more information, visit the Massachusetts Public Employee Fund website at


    Managerial employees in Boston Public Schools are eligible to enroll in the Dental Blue plan offered by the City of Boston. During your hiring and onboarding welcome session, you will receive a separate Blue Cross Dental Blue enrollment form. It is a separate enrollment form from health insurance.   If you did not receive the form, contact your hiring manager for the Dental enrollment form. The Dental enrollment form needs to be returned directly to the City's Health Benefits Office at 1 City Hall Square, Room 807, Boston, MA 02201; you can also email: or fax forms to 617-635-3932.  

    Managerial employees can access Vision coverage through their health insurance provider. For more information on the Dental Blue Plan, contact the City's Health Benefits Office at 617-635-4570.


    You could save money by getting your dental insurance through your healthcare provider. Make sure to go over your coverage summary to see what they have to offer. Most healthcare plans will cover regular vision exams. Some plans offer discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses at certain stores.