1. Want to work at a school?

  • Learn what schools are nearby your neighborhood by using this map.

2. Prepare your resume.

3. Create a Talent Ed profile.

  • You will be prompted to fill out information about your qualifications and background. Refer to this FAQ for guidance.

4. Identify positions.

  • Go to our Talent Ed system and type in the school you might be interested in and qualified for, or a keyword to see what jobs are available. (example: attendant, manager, coordinator, paraprofessional)

5. Check the minimum qualifications.

  • High school equivalency/education, certifications as listed in job posting (example: SafeServ for food services), identification, valid email, address, and phone number; City of Boston residency.

6. Submit your applications.

  • BPS departments and schools have varying timelines and manage the screening and application review process. They will reach out directly to candidates who are being considered.

7. Prepare onboarding requirements.

  • Hiring process will include fingerprinting, CORI check, Social Security Card, valid license or passport (authorization to work in US)

Some Open Positions

  • Part-time Custodians

    Hours are from 15 to 19 per week. The rate is $14.36 per hour.

    Apply here


    Cafeteria Staff

    Positions are available at many schools across Boston. Use the following link and type in "Food" to search for positions near you.

    Apply here


    Bus Monitors

    Must be 18 years of age or older, have a High School Diploma or GED, and live in the City of Boston or be willing to move to the City of Boston. Early morning and afternoon shifts available. 

    Apply here