Office of Expanded Learning Time

Expanded Learning Time

  • What is Expanded Learning Time?

    Expanded Learning Time (ELT) is any time beyond the traditional school day that is used to expand options for high-quality learning. ELT occurs in many different forms, but the most common in BPS are Extended Learning Time (Lengthening the School Day), Before and After School Programs, Summer Learning, and Vacation Week Programs.These programs help to create more time for enrichment and targeted learning, supporting the goal of closing the achievement and opportunity gap for BPS students.

    What is the Office of Expanded Learning Time?

    The Office of Expanded Learning Time oversees grants and District initiatives that support ELT. We build a web of support for all students to access year round learning opportunities, thinking beyond the traditional idea of school. Our main programs and initiatives include:


    1. New School Hours for Schedule A ELT SchoolsEnglish | Español | Kabuverdianu | 中文 | Kreyòl | Português | Afsoomaali | tiếng Việt | العربية
    2. Researching Expanded Learning Time in BPS   
    3. February 1 - 5th Quarter Portfolio Selection Announcement