• Families play a vital role in supporting the Murphy School. Every caregiver is a member of the family council. We would like to invite everyone to be involved in some way in supporting children at the school. The family council meetings are once a month. We will be updating the Murphy calendar with all the dates for the family council meetings. We will also be sharing information regarding our fundraising efforts as well as ways we support our children in the classroom. Stay tuned for more information as well as contact information for family council.


    Elected 2022-2023 SYC Members of the School Parent Council


    Co Chair - Diana Hoang 

    Treasurer - Lynda Tran

    Secretary - Sharon Cho 

    Parent School Site Council Representatives 

    • Lynda Tran
    • Sharon Cho 
    • Diana Hoang 
    • Stacey Travers 
    • Michelle Pang


    Below is the scheduled meetings for the School Parent Council 

    6/14  School Parent Council (SPC. )All are welcome. From  6 PM to 7PM. Via Zoom