Staff Directory

Name Grade Email
Aaron Couture Director of Student Support
Adam Stumacher Director of Instruction Grades 7-12
Akailah Jennings K2
Alana Greene Grade 3
Alfredo Garcia Paraprofessional
Alicia Doherty Social Worker
Alim Clemons Paraprofessional
Allison Costello K0 Special Education
Amanda Mari Grade 6 ELA Special Education
Amanda Savage Grade 4
Amy Gailunas Director of Lower Campus
Ann McGough K1 Special Education
Anna Stanger Golden Grade 9/12 Science Special Education
Armany Garcia K2 Special Education
Barbara Moran Nurse Lower Campus
Ben Williams Paraprofessional
Beth Tkachuk Grade 4
Brett Nadan-Buresh Grade 11/12 Math
Brian Greally 8th Grade Math
Brian Harvey Grade 7-12 Engineering/Robotics
Bridget Nee K1
Brie-el Parker Grade 2-6 Gym/PE
Caitlin Deady Grade 8 ELA
Camlinh To Grade 5 Special Education
Caren Pfeffer K2 Special Education
Carla Solberg Paraprofessional
Carly Michel Grade 2
Caroline Cahill Secretary Lower Campus
Chris Koech Grade 11/12 Math Special Education
Christina Balkaran Grade 9 Math
Christine McLaughlin Grade 1
Colin McLaughlin Paraprofessional
Colleen Mitchell Literacy
Connell Cloyd Grade 7 Math
Courtney Brackenbury Grade 5 Special Education
Courtney Losi Paraprofessional
Danielle Cromartie Grade 6 ELA
Danielle Merdin Science Coach
Darah Tappitake Grade 7 ELA
Dawnmarie Giltner Grade 2-6 Music
Deanna Webb Grade 9/10 Spanish
Deverna Braxton Paraprofessional
Elisa Canito Grade 2 Special Education
Emily Shamshak Grade 10/12 Math
Erin Atwood Grade 3
Erin Glavin Paraprofessional
Eugenia Goncalves Paraprofessional
Grace Hebard Grade 2-12 Library
Greer McCormack K2
Gwyndolyn Jones Music Lower Campus
Heidi Castro Grade 10/12 ELA Special Education
Ingrid Burton Paraprofessional
Jacob Urso Grade 2-6 Technology
Janice Thomas Grade 6 Science
Jasmine Hill Grade 1 Special Education
Jennifer Gavin Grade 7 ELA Special Education
Jennifer McCann Grade 1 Special Education
Jess Ellis Grade 1
Jesse Barron Grade 9 ELA Special Education
Joanne Wilson Special Education Student Support Secretary
Jocelyn Rivera Grade 1
Jody McEachern Secretary Upper Campus
Joe Cahill Student Behavior Support
Johanna Cobanban Grade 7 Math Special Education
John DuWors Custodian
Jozeph Zaremba Art Upper Campus
Julie White Paraprofessional
Katherine Cawley Paraprofessional
Katherine Powers K1 Special Education
Kathleen Carroll Grade 6 Science Special Education
Kathleen Powers K2 Special Education
Katie McDonough Sunlight Cafe/Life Skills
Kayla Hoff Grade 3 Special Education
Kayley Merrill Grades 6-12 Health
Kelli Doolin Paraprofessional
Kelly Donoghue Grade 9 ELA
Kenisse Machado Paraprofessional
Kerryn Cosgrove Paraprofessional
Kirsten Boger K2
Laura Newman Grade 1 Special Education
Laura Wrenn Grade 9/10 Spanish
Laurie Powers Paraprofessional
Lessie Tyson Grades 2-5 Dance
Lilly Barlow Grade 7/8 Science
Linda Herlihy Special Education Coordinator
Lisa Baldassari Paraprofessional
Liz Herson Life Skills
Loris Dennis Grade 10/12 Science
Mark Greer Grade 7/8 Science Special Education
Mark Johnson Art Lower Campus
Marsha Riley Nurse Upper Campus
Mary Beth Gregory Grade 3
Mary Fernandez-Buehrens Reading/ESL/Writing
Mary O'Brien Grade 2
Matt Reggiannini Grade 10-12 History Special Education
Matthew Johnson K0
Maura Sleeth Grade 11/12 ELA Special Education
Maureen Maderos Vision
Megan Donnelly SESS Coordinator
Melissa Sawyer Grade 10/12 ELA

Contact Us

  • Principal

    Patricia Lampron

    Lower Campus

    1669 Dorchester Ave.
    Dorchester, MA 02122
    617-635 -8725 

    Upper Campus 

    18 Croftland Ave.
    Dorchester, MA 02124


    Grades K-5   8:30 - 2:30
    Grades 6-12  8:15 - 2:30