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    School Description

    The Higginson-Lewis K-8 School is located in the Roxbury sectionof Boston. The school is easily accessible by public transportation. The schoolconsists of the former Henry L. Higginson and George A. Lewis Schools, whichmerged in September 2009 to become the Higginson-Lewis K-8 School. Theschoolyard was landscaped, some classrooms painted and storage space was builtfor students. The parents, teachers, and students take pride in the appearanceof the school and have maintained a safe and comfortable working environmentand play area. 

    Mission of the Boston Public Schools

    We welcome the children of this city into the Boston PublicSchools, where effective teachingand learning prepare all of our students to achieve at high levels, and wherethe entire community works together to focus on children.


    Mission of the Higginson-Lewis K-8 School

    Responsibility,Ownership, Accountability and Respect are the key values of the Higginson-LewisK-8 School. Our mission: to reach each and every member of our school communityin order to encourage a culture of care and accountability, pride in effort andachievement by all. Be a Lion:Roar!



    Responsibility………I will be ready andprepared for learning.

    Ownership………….I will help create and maintain a positive and safe schoolenvironment.

    Accountability……...I will be mindful of myactions and attitudes towards others.

    Respect……………...I will show regardfor personal and school property.


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    Joy Salesman-Oliver

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    Jose Malave-Vidal
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