• The Spring 2022 Family Survey asked parents to reflect on their experience as a member of the school community this past year.

  • Topic

    Sample Question

    School Fit

    How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at his/her school?

    School Climate

    To what extent do you think that children enjoy going to your child's school?

    School Safety

    How often do you worry about violence at your child's school?

    Family-School Communication

    How helpful has the communication from your child’s school been this school year?

    Cultural Awareness and Action

    To the best of your knowledge, how often is your child given opportunities to learn about people from different races, ethnicities, or cultures?

  • When did we administer surveys?

    March 28 - May 6

    How did families take the survey?

    Families received an email and text with their unique survey link. Each family had the opportunity to take 1 survey about each school in which they have a child enrolled. Texts and follow up emails were sent as reminders.