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    Welcome to the Mario Umana Academy! 

    We are a K1-8 school located in East Boston, Massachusetts, serving over 950 diverse and amazing students. 

    School Hours: As an Expanded Learning Time (ELT) school, our hours are 7:20AM to 2:00PM. This allows us to offer students a wide array of enrichment opportunities and experiential learning, including additional support and classes in Math, English Language Arts (ELA) and English as a Second Language (ESL) for students needing that help.

    Dual Language: Our dual language program is currently in grades K1-6, with plans of expanding into seventh and eighth grade next year. Our goal is for students to become verbally and academically proficient in both English and Spanish, while also developing intercultural and global competencies that prepare them to thrive in today’s global environment.  Read more about the benefits of dual language: The Multiple Benefits of Dual Language, The Astounding Effectiveness of Dual Language for All, Resources from MABENE (Multistate Association for Bilingual Education North East)

    SLIFE (Students with Limited or  Interrupted Formal Education): Newcomer English Learners, grades 3-8, who have had an interrupted or limited formal education are assigned by the district to a SLIFE classroom. Students receive intensive literacy instruction and age-appropriate core content instruction in Spanish, combined with literacy instruction in English. (BPS SLIFE page)

    SEI (Sheltered English Instruction): In grades 6-8, English Learners whose English Language Development (ELD) Levels are 1 to 3 learn in an SEI classroom. In this program model, students are taught by qualified teacher(s) and have sheltered instruction that is intended to make instruction in grade-level academic content areas more accessible. The language of instruction is English, with native language clarification provided when needed. The students also receive English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, which is designed to teach English to EL students.  (BPS SEI page)

    Special Education: ABA-based classrooms and Intellectual impairment. (BPS Special Education page)

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    ¡Bienvenidos a la Academia Mario Umana! 



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    Christina Michel

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    Catherine Carney
    Antonelli Mejia


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