• William Barton Rogers School

    The Rogers School is a small school in Hyde Park with a tradition of excellence

    At the Rogers we are building community leaders and lifelong learners every day.  The Rogers is a small school serving students in grades 6-8 in Hyde Park.  We have an exciting learning environment where students are respected and expected to learn, and where necessary skills and opportunities for students to reach their full potential are provided.

    We are committed to continuing a tradition of excellence for our community of learners. The Rogers implemented a 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens initiative to reward students who are making good choices and working hard every day. We teach personal responsibility and good decision making as part of our curriculum so that our students are prepared for success in high school, college, and careers.

    We are focused on using data to inform instruction and differentiate instructional practices to meet the needs of all students. The Rogers is working to strengthen core instruction in all classrooms by having students working in groups, receiving feedback from teachers, and engaging in higher order thinking and problem solving.

    Students have access to Science/Technology labs as part of their daily schedule. All classrooms are wired for network technology.

    What makes our school special:

    •A small school that serves students individual needs

    •A positive environment for learning with a 100-year-old tradition of excellence

    •Inclusive school model and philosophy

    •High school algebra offered to grade 8 students

    •Performing arts, drama, and school chorus

    •Positive Behavior Intervention Systems and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

    •7 Habits rewards system to support students for good decision-making

    •Multicultural Showcase

    •Interscholastic sports teams at a championship level

    •Student government and Leadership opportunities for all students

    •Various after school clubs, sports, and organizations

    •Annual Wildcat Walk for Wellness

    *K-8 Pathway: Guaranteed assignment for students from the Channing, Chittick, E. Greenwood, and Grew.

    Special academic programs:

    •Advanced Work Class for eligible students in grade 6

    • Inclusion of students with special needs and English Language Learners in regular classrooms with individualized support

    Our partners:

    •America SCORES Boston soccer program, Blue Hills Bank, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox Foundation, City Stage Company, City Year, The Home for Little Wanderers, Play Ball! Foundation, SERP/ Harvard/ Wheelock, Thompson Island/Outward Bound, Generation Citizen, Squashbusters, Spirit Series, 100 Mile Club.

    Before and after school programs in our building:

    •Before school: Walking Club

    •After school: City Year “We Are the Change” program Monday-Thursday; Student Council, yearbook, gardening, dance, cooking, running; 1-2 times per week.

    Sports: Football and soccer (fall); basketball (winter); track and soccer (spring); cheerleading (all year) Squash, bachata dance

    ISEE Prep: September and October

    Academic tutoring: all year.

    Minimum 70% grade average to be eligible for school sports and clubs. All activities open to all students; no activity fees.

    The William Barton Rogers has an extensive and interesting history. It was built in 1902 and we celebrated our centennial in 2002. The school was originally a high school and students arrived by horse and buggy or on foot. Today, students use many methods of transportation and come from various neighborhoods of the city.
    Two additions completed the school - first in 1920 and then again in 1934. After housing high school students, the William Barton Rogers became a junior high school. In 1975, the junior high school changed into the William Barton Rogers Middle School.
    The William Barton Rogers Middle School is named after the founder of the the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Best known as the founder and first president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, William Barton Rogers began his career as Professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry at the College of William and Mary and later taught natural philosophy at the University of Virginia. Rogers also served as the State Geologist of Virginia and led the first Geological Survey of the state. Although William Barton Rogers taught many facets of natural history, he made significant contributions in geology. In 1849, William Barton Rogers married Emma Savage of Boston, and in 1853, the couple moved to Boston. Supported by the scientific community of Boston, Rogers brought to life his conception of technical and scientific education, and largely through his efforts, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was incorporated in 1861. William Barton Rogers served as President of MIT from the first meeting of the incorporators in 1862 until 1870, then served a second term as President from 1878 until 1881. He died in 1882 and is buried in the James Savage plot in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    For more on William Barton Rogers visit the M.I.T. webpage here.

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