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    MCAS Testing Information for Families of Students in Grades 3 - 10

    2022-23 Annual Notice for MCAS Assessments flyer is available for schools to share with their students' families. This flyer will be also included in the BPS Weekly Update newsletter.

    Translations: Arabic, Cape Verdean, Chinese, French, Haitian, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese


    Here is the schedule for MCAS for the remainder of the year:

    • High School ELA Retest March 8-9

    • High School Math Retest 10th grade March 14-15

    • Middle School ELA 4/11-4/12

    • High School ELA 10th grade March 28-29

    • MCAS ALT Submission Deadline March 31

    • Middle School Math 5/16-5/17

    • Grade 8 Science Window 5/25 and 5/26

    • High School Math 10th grade May 16-17

    • High School 9 Bio/Physics June 7-8


    The second semester has started! Be sure to ask your student about their new electives. The new semester is a fresh start and an opportunity to do your best.



    The Boston Public Schools’ homework policy is:

    All Students will receive homework Monday-Friday. However, this is up to the teacher’s discretion. In order to be academically successful students must complete ALL HOMEWORK assigned. Homework will be relevant to the classroom lessons and reinforces the skills necessary for our students to succeed.

    The Instructional Leadership team is working to write a policy for BCLA-McCormack. If you have thoughts about what homework should look like on our campus, please email Dr. Dorman at sdorman@bostonpublicschools.org.