• MCAS Requirements

    We take this opportunity to remind high school students and families of MCAS requirements in Massachusetts that impact student’s ability to graduate and earn a high school diploma. Please remember that in addition to course requirements (see graduation requirements below), students must take and pass English, Math, and Science MCAS in order to earn a high school diploma. The requirements for the Class of 2023 and beyond are as follows:


    In ELA a score of 455 or higher (see below)

    ELA score 440-454 = Need Retest in ELA and/or MCAS Appeal if eligible

    Student has not met competency determination (CD)

    ELA score 455-471 = No retest needed. The student must take and pass the 4th year of ELA in order to meet the requirements of the EPP (Educational Proficiency Plan) and competency determination for MCAS

    ELA score 472-560 = No retest needed. Student has met competency determination for MCAS


    In Math a score of 469 or higher (see below)

    MATH score 440-468 = Need Retest in MATH and/or MCAS Appeal if eligible Student has not met CD

    MATH score 469-485 = No retest needed. The student must take and pass the 4th year of MATH in order to meet the requirements of the EPP and MCAS CD

    MATH score 486-560 = No retest needed. Student has met MCAS competency determination


    BCLA-McCormack Graduation Requirements: Students must take and pass the following:

    • 4 years of English
    • 4 years of Math
    • 4 years of Science
    • 4 years of History
    • 2 years of Foreign Language
    • 1 year of Gym
    • 1 year of Art

    Teaching and Learning

    MCAS Testing Information for Families of Students in Grades 3 - 10

    2022-23 Annual Notice for MCAS Assessments flyer is available for schools to share with their students' families. This flyer will be also included in the BPS Weekly Update newsletter.

    Translations: Arabic, Cape Verdean, Chinese, French, Haitian, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese


    Here is the schedule for MCAS for the remainder of the year:

    • High School ELA Retest March 8-9

    • High School Math Retest 10th grade March 14-15

    • Middle School ELA 4/11-4/12

    • High School ELA 10th grade March 28-29

    • MCAS ALT Submission Deadline March 31

    • Middle School Math 5/16-5/17

    • Grade 8 Science Window 5/25 and 5/26

    • High School Math 10th grade May 16-17

    • High School 9 Bio/Physics June 7-8

  • Make Up Work Policy (to be revisited throughout the year):

    When a student is absent for an extended period of time, students will have one day to make up the work for every day they are absent. For extended absences (six school days or more), students may be eligible for an Incomplete. Students who are hospitalized or ill for over fourteen consecutive days (or fourteen accumulated days for an ongoing medical issue) may be eligible for home and hospital tutoring.

    • If absent five days or less, students are expected to make up all missed work with teacher discretion. Should students miss more than five days will be required to complete the salient assignments; students are expected to work on assignments that support the core competencies.
    • Teachers should consult with support staff to discuss the root cause of the absence and determine the best course of action.
    • Students who receive an Incomplete for the term have two weeks to make up missed Major Assignments.
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