• BPS Moves Logo BPS Moves Together airs on Boston Neighborhood Network and streams online, providing BPS students and families access to physical and wellness education at home.
    Family Fitness TV Show
    May - September 2020
    The show includes an educational component that addresses wellness topics and provides education around creating a physically active life. Fitness component contains modifications for inclusion of people of various abilities and age groups.
    Monthly Virtual Challenge 
    June - September 2020
    Will promote one physical activity-based challenge each month from June to September for students and their families. Challenges will be completed remotely and will encourage the BPS community to be physically active indoors and/or in the neighborhood. 
    Physical Activity at Home Kits
    August/September 2020
    To provide students with kits that will help them be physically active at home. These kits will include items such as face masks, jump ropes, water bottles, and balls. 
    Summer Neighborhood PA Sessions
    July - September 2020
    We aim to develop organized, socially distant physical activity programming in neighborhoods where BPS students live.
    60-a Day Campaign 
    August - onward
    This will help promote the evidence-based CDC guideline of 60 minutes of physical activity a day for school-aged youth. This campaign will lead into the school year and be the springboard for further school based and community programming when the school year begins again.

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