Resources for Substitute Teachers

  • BPS SubCentral

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    BPS SubCentral allows Teachers, Substitute Teachers and School Administrators to access the substitute system from any phone or Internet-enabled computer anytime, day or night. 

    Teachers and School Administrators can use BPS SubCentral to: 

    • Enter absences
    • Add substitute instructions
    • View all activities associated with an absence

    Substitute Teachers Can:

    • Search for available assignments online
    • Enter available dates
    • If you do not have an Internet-enabled computer available, you can use the telephone system to register, report, accept and listen to available assignments.


    Before any features of BPS SubCentral are available, you must register with the system and create a PIN. The Access ID and PIN are used for all interactions with the system and should never be used by anyone else.

    To register, follow these steps:

    1. Call the main system number at 617-635-7980.
    2. Enter your Access ID followed by the star (*) key. 
    3. Your Access ID number is your BPS employee ID number (DO NOT ENTER ANY LEADING ZEROS, for example, if your number is 055555, you would enter 55555).
    4. Enter your PIN. During registration, your PIN is the same as your Access ID, followed by the star (*) key.
    5. Enter your new PIN, followed by the star (*) key.
    6. Record your name and when you have finished recording, press the star (*) key.

    For Teachers: 

    You will now hear the locations and classifications that have been setup in your profile. If this information is not correct, please contact BPS SubCentral Help Desk at 617-635-9380. 

    For Substitutes:

    You will now hear the telephone number that the system will call you (Callback number). You can modify this number.
    Go to and login using your Access ID and PIN.

    Substitute Profile Registration