Social Emotional Learning & Instruction

  • The Social Emotional Learning & Instruction (SEL & I) Department includes the Safe & Welcoming Schools  (SAWS) Program and the Partnership in SEL Initiative (PSELI). Our team provides SEL expertise to educators, students, families and partners with consultation, coaching, professional development, and continuous improvement.

    What We Do

    We provide a universal approach to social emotional learning and development in the following areas: Explicit SEL Curriculum and Instruction, Academic Integration of SEL, Climate & Culture, and Service Delivery. We are committed to using SEL data and continuous improvement cycles to support school as they infuse SEL in their school plans and practices.  

    Our Services Include:

    SEL Liaisons to the Office of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness (SELWell) Departments.

    SEL Consultation & Coaching

      • SEL Teaming and Planning
      • SEL Climate / Walkthroughs
      • SEL Academic Integration
      • SEL Curriculum Support
      • SEL Mapping with external partnerships

    Professional Development

      • SEL Skills & Development
      • SEL Signature Practices
      • SEL & Academics
      • SEL & Culturally Linguistically Sustaining Practices (CLSP)
      • SEL & Vicarious Trauma
      • SEL & Bullying Prevention

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