Uniform Policy

  • Team Wear Policy

    What Does The Joseph Lee Team Wear Policy Look Like?

    • Navy, beige or khaki/tan pants- no jeans  (all grades)
    • Khaki, beige or navy blue knee-length skirt or knee-length shorts (all grades)
    • Solid-colored navy blue sweatpants (no writing, logos, patterns or stripes)
    • Solid-colored light blue t-shirt, button down or polo shirt without logos or patterns (grades K-5)
    • Solid-colored navy blue t-shirt, button down or polo shirt without logos or patterns (grades 6-8)
    • School t-shirt, school polo shirt or school sweatshirt (of grade level appropriate color)
    • Sneakers or covered, close-toed shoes (for safety--no flip flops or high heels please)!

    What Headwear is Allowed?

    • Cultural or Religious Headwear (questions resolved through discussions with parents)
    • Hard semi-circular headbands, soft-cloth headbands, scrunchies, plastic clips

    What Clothing & Headwear is NOT Allowed?

    • Colors other than the Joseph Lee School colors
    • Sports jerseys
    • Flip flops and/or slides
    • Intentionally ripped or torn clothing
    • Clothing with writing, stripes, patterns or logos.  Students may not write on their clothes.
    • Hats & caps
    • Bandanas & Du-rags
    • Sweatbands
    • Picks and combs
    • Backpacks, jackets, hoodies, coats, winter scarves, gloves, and hats may not be worn in the school building.  They should be stored in lockers (cubbies for lower grades) for the school day.

    What Happens When Students Are Not Wearing Team Wear?

    • Team Wear violations will be recorded daily by school staff.
    • Parents will be notified if a student arrives to school not wearing Team Wear.
    • A parent or guardian will be contacted and required to bring appropriate clothing if a student is wearing inappropriate attire.
    • Clothing and headwear items that are not allowed in the building will be confiscated.
    • Students not in Team Wear will be removed from special Team Wear incentive functions (i.e. Dance, BBQ, Field Trip or Performances).

    Team Wear Price



    JLS Youth T-Shirts (navy blue)

    (acceptable for all grades)


    JLS Adult T-Shirts (navy blue)

    (acceptable for all grades)


    JLS Polo Shirts (light blue)

    (Grades K-5)


    JLS Polo Shirts (navy blue)

    (Grades 6-8)


    Long Sleeve JLS Navy Blue Polo Shirts

    (acceptable for all grades)


    JLS Locomotive Sweatshirt with Hood

    (navy blue)

    (acceptable for all grades)


    JLS Pullover Sweatshirt


    Navy Blue Sweatpants

    (acceptable for all grades)