About the Joseph Lee K8 School

  • The Joseph Lee School community continuously works towards creating an environment of high performance standards and expectations for all students. We believe this model encourages organization, college readiness, and higher academic achievement.

    The Joseph Lee School Vision

    At the Joseph Lee School, our vision is to enable Joseph Lee students to move together as diverse thinkers and learners, by empowering educationally responsible and goal-oriented students to make positive contributions to the world around them. 

    JLS Common Expectations

    1. We use respectful words and actions.
    2. We follow adult instructions the first time they’re given.
    3. We respect all spaces and materials.
    4. We recognize bullying and stop it.
    5. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
    6. We wear our team wear every day.
    7. We keep hats, toys and electronics off your person at all times.