BPS Expectant and Parenting Students Policy

  • "Expectant" means that an individual, regardless of gender identity, is either pregnant or the partner of someone who is pregnant. "Parenting" means that an individual, regardless of gender identity, is the parent of a child.

    This policy is meant to create the environment and supports that expectant and parenting students need to graduate high school prepared for college and career success. BPS wants you to have an equal chance to achieve a high school diploma so that you can open the door to further opportunities-like going to college and having a career that you love!

    The Policy Says That:

    • You have the right to have your health and personal information kept confidential (private), including from other students and school staff who are not required to know.
    • You must give written approval before information on you being expectant or a parent is stored in school files (once stored, your parents can see this information if they choose).
    • Your school must have a liaison who can share resources on shelter, child care, and healthcare, and communicate about this policy. This liaison can also help connect you with your school-based student support staff.
    • You have the right to be treated with respect and attend school free from discrimination or harassment.
    • You can have parental leave after having your child.

    If you experience stigma or discrimination in school, report it to the Equity Office at 617-635-9650.

    If you are a student who is the parent of a child or will be soon, know that:

    • You decide when and who to tell about your pregnancy. You have the choice to talk to a relative, friend, or school staff person you trust about becoming a parent.
    • Your school liaison can share resources on things like shelter, child care, and healthcare. 
    • You are entitled to time off from school after having your baby.
    • Your school will help you succeed even during absences and extended leave from school due to pregnancy.
    • Your school should work with you to find a private and sanitary place to pump breast milk.

    BPS is dedicated to ensuring that you are not made to feel that your opportunities are limited because you are a parent or expecting a child.

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