• Second Step & Social Emotional Learning (SEL):

    Kenny School 2018-2019 Social-Emotional Learning Prioirity: Implement school-wide social-emotional curriculum (Second Step) and engage in culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogy to create a safe and affirming environment for students, staff and families.


    The Kenny is one of five selected schools to be awarded a multi-million dollar grant through the Wallace Foundation to implement the Second Step Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Homeroom teachers receive Second Step Kits along with classroom resources and training on how to best use the kit in classrooms daily.  All classrooms have a designated SEL (Social Emotional Learning) block to implement this between 9:40-10:00am daily.


    The Social Emotional Learning Team meets regularly to support the implementation of Second Step, provide support and coaching to teachers regarding SEL practices, and to support the implementation of Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Practices within the school community and classroom instruction.


    Second Step Units K-5 (click here for more information)

    Students are recognized daily for demonstrating our PRIDE values and the values embedded within the Second Step Curriculum through Kenny PAWs.  After earning a PAW, the student writes their name on the PAW, why they earned it, and places it into a designated jar in the classroom. Teachers then transfer their paws to the main office raffle box. Every morning, PAWS are selected from the jar and students’ names, values and reasons are shared over the loud speaker for the whole school to celebrate.  In addition, students receive a small gift from our prize box.

    Second Step Units K-3 Second Step Units 4-5


    In addition to recognizing the Kenny’s core PRIDE values, Pawssemblies are meant to inspire PAWsitivity and celebrate PAWsomeness.  

    The PAWssembly schedule & it’s themes are developed by the SEL Team at the start of the school year, and itentionally align our PRIDE values with the units within the Second Step curriculum.

    PAWssemblies are planned and prepared for by teaching teams and supported by the Climate Team, about once each month, with some gaps to accommodate testing, vacations and holidays.

    Beat the Staff!

    Typical PAWssembly 30-minute Agenda / Outline:

    • Welcome & Kenny Pledge   [5min]
    • Values Focus: P.R.I.D.E. + SEL   [5min]
    • Grades 1-5: Beat the Staff [10min] / K1/K2: Fun, non-competitive game
    • Peer Nominations:  [5min]
    • Closing -- Introducing next month’s value focus.  [5min]