• Uniform Policy K-8

    Our Governing Board has voted that all students at the Henderson Inclusion School wear uniforms. This is a mandatory policy, and is not optional. 

    The policy is as follows:


     should wear Blue or Khaki pants or shorts with a Light Blue, Navy Blue or White shirt. All pants MUST be worn at the waist.

    Girls should wear a Blue or Khaki skirt, jumper, pants or shorts with a Light Blue, Navy Blue or White shirt.

    On Fridays, reasonable casual attire will be permitted. Students must adhere to the BPS dress code. (See below)

    On movement or Physical Education class days, students may wear solid navy blue sweat pants or shorts. This style might also be appropriate for our younger students or for students needing reasonable accommodations.

    Boston Public Schools Dress Code Policy (for Fridays only):

    “Student dress and overall appearance should foster a positive and productive environment, reflecting pride in one's self as well as our school. If it is determined that a student's dress may detract from the academic experience and learning environment at the Henderson, then the student will be required to change his or her clothing item(s) that conflict with the guidelines outlined.”