• Building a Positive School Climate

    We are committed to creating a safer, more caring environment for our students. In doing so, we are placing a greater emphasis on building nurturing relationships which promote high expectations and affirm all students identities. In addition, we understand that young people must feel connected, therefore we are commiting to weekly community building practices which engage students in thoughtful opportunities to be heard and to understand the importance of their actions through taking responsibility. To achieve these goals we have are continuing to implement Restorative Practices throughout our school.


    Our Approach:  Restorative Practices

    Restorative Justice brings people together to reconcile and build relationships when harm has been done.  A major tenant of Restorative Justice is that harm affects everyone in the community- the “victim/s”, the wrongdoer and the larger community. Therefore decisions about how to repair the harm must be determined by the people affected, as they are the only people who truly know how to make things right.  Restorative Justice aims to build understanding, explore how the wrongdoing has impacted those involved, and to develop agreements that increase trust, safety and understanding so that things are better in the future

    Restorative Discipline
    Students will still be held responsible for their actions. However Restorative Practices introducing a model through conferencing where students are able to take accountability while learning new skills for self-awareness,self-management, decision-making,and social relations. Restorative Approaches addresses students behaviors through listening, accountability and healing.