Succeed Boston @ the Counseling & Intervention Center

  • At Succeed Boston our goal is to create a space where students feel safe and respected by providing students with the opportunity to reflect and learn from past behaviors so they can grow and make more thoughtful decisions that will prepare them to be successful in school, career, and in life.

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    Who we are

    Succeed Boston @ the Counseling & Intervention Center, formerly called the Counseling and Intervention Center and the Barron Center, is a short-term counseling and intervention program that addresses a range of Code of Conduct violations by students in the Boston Public Schools. The Boston School Committee approved the Center in 1986 in urgent response to the escalating problems in Boston communities and schools; namely, young people carrying weapons into school, which resulted in the increase of violence-related incidents and subsequent deaths.

    The Center was first established to provide services to all students city-wide who were found to be in possession of a weapon on school property. But in 1993, with the passage of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act, Succeed Boston’s reach was expanded to include those students charged with an expellable offense.

    The Center opened its doors to service students on March 10, 1987. The Center has serviced more than 30,000 students over the past thirty years.

    In 2012, a shift occurred from the focus on consequences of negative behaviors to decision-making, social emotional learning and the impact of trauma. Along with that shift came the priority of hiring licensed clinicians who reflect the cultural and racial background of the students we serve. This change is more in alignment with our mission of teaching decision making skills and the positive expectations we embrace for the students we serve.

    Referrals to Succeed Boston are by appointment only.

    Please email for more information on how to make a referral.

    Our program is located at 515 Hyde Park Ave in Roslindale.

    Our current program hours are 8:45 - 2:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 8:45 - 12:00 pm on Thursdays

    What we do

    Succeed Boston is a short-term counseling and intervention program in Roslindale that serves students who have violated the most serious offenses of the BPS Code of Conduct. This department provides individual and group-counseling services, substance abuse education and treatment, restorative circles, academics, and provides students with social-emotional skills they need to assess risk, consider potential consequences, and improve decision-making.

    Succeed Boston leads the district's work in bullying prevention and intervention. We also provide Saturday programs for students who need education and support in civil rights and fire-setting. Succeed Boston is responsible for the implementation of the National Institute for Justice Restorative Justice Grant.  This grant will impact 25,000 students across 30 schools.


  • Senior Director
    Jodie Elgee
    515 Hyde Park Avenue
    Roslindale, MA 02131
    United States