Office of Operational Supertintendents

  • School Operations is comprised of four Operational Superintendents (OS) supported by five Operational Leaders.  There are two administrative staff members who coordinate the collection of data and divert communication to the proper staff. Operational Superintendents are the chief operational supervisors to the 30-36 schools in each of the Teaching Learning Teams (TLT’s).

    Who Are We?

    The Operational Superintendents along with the School Operations team are dedicated to being the central office first responders for school-based operational support.  The team receives, manages and prioritizes school-based requests for operational support. Often, the team works in close collaboration with school administrators to advise and resolve problems and emergencies.  The School Operations team members have varied experiences as school-based leaders at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels in urban, suburban and regional settings providing a broad foundation of knowledge and skills. All members of the team maintain communication with every central office department and coordinate cross-functional services when resolving issues.

    What We Do

    Operational Superintendents support every aspect of school-operations including by not limited to Code of Conduct violations, personnel matters, fiscal management, , parental concerns, facilities, transportation, school safety,  The School Operation Team assists with facility issues, In addition, the team works collaboratively with school-based administers to plan, schedule, implement policy and develop efficient procedures for efficient school operations.

    In high need/emergency conditions, OS’s act as incident commanders to coordinate central office resources and work collaboratively with City agencies to efficiently de-escalate and resolve problems.


  • School Operations
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