• Visitor & Volunteer Policy

    The Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School extends a warm welcome to families and community partners to visit our school and classrooms! At the same time, we must ensure that our building is secure, our students are safe, and that learning is not disrupted.  School staff must always be aware of who is in the building and why they are there.

    Field Trips, Events & Volunteering

    We welcome parents, guardians, and partners to join us in classrooms as volunteers or as chaperones during field trips and events!  BPS policy requires all volunteers and chaperones to be CORI approved every year, prior to working with students.  Because this process can take up to six weeks, we recommend that anyone who is interested in volunteering or chaperoning complete a CORI form as early as possible.  Blank forms are available at the school (and in this handbook) and must include a copy of a driver’s license, passport or other official photo identification.


    Visitor Responsibilities: Visitors include parents, school department employees, and all others who are not currently on staff at the Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School.

    • To ensure the safety of our school community, all visitors must enter through the main entrance doors and sign-in inside the main office.  Staff, partners, parents and students should never allow any visitor to enter the building through the side or back doors.
    • Visitors who want to meet or conference with a teacher or administrator must make an appointment by calling in advance so that instructional time is not disrupted.  No appointment is necessary at Open Houses, Parent Nights or other school events. In an emergency, please notify the office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible.
    • If parents must pick up their child/ren before the regular dismissal time, they should call the school office first if possible. School staff will prepare the student for dismissal and dismiss them from the main office. To ensure the safety and security of all students, parents may not go directly to classrooms to pick up their child/ren. The school will not release a student to anyone other than a custodial parent without the parent’s written consent and proper identification. Anyone picking up a student must be at least 18 years of age.