•  Celebrating and Recognizing Kenny Values:

    All staff and students celebrate our core values within morning circles and recognize each other for demonstrating our values with “Kenny PAWS” throughout the day.  Each morning, 1-3 paws are selected from the par jar and student names are announced over the loud speaker.  


    PAWs and PAWssemblies:

    In addition to recognizing the Kenny’s core PRIDE values, Pawssemblies are meant to inspire PAWsitivity, celebrate PAWsomeness and to build a sense of community.  At these assemblies, students and staff compete in "Beat the Staff!" games, students recognize their peers with written statements, and select students earn prizes for their contirbutions to the community over the past month.

     Pawssembly Pawssembly 3

    Kenny School Engagement and Discipline Protocols

    The Code of Conduct at The Kenny Elementary School is founded in the belief that every student has the right to a high quality education in safe and supportive environment. Of equal importance, we believe that parents should be informed of issues that arise in a timely fashion so that we can work together to resolve conflicts, develop intervention plnas, and support the social, emotional and academic growth of our students.


    Students have the responsibility to adhere to the Kenny’s School Based Rules.  When students do not follow the school-based rules, the following procedures are followed:


    Disciplinary Procedures:

    1. Teachers use least-invasive intervention (verbal prompt to task, reminder of expectations, etc.)
    2. Teachers provide an opportunity for the student to refocus within the classroom or in a buddy room (depending on the severity and/or persistence of the behavior).
    3. A parent is notified on the same day via a telephone call or written message.


    The following are considered “non-negotiable” behaviors or situations which require parent communication and progressive measures of support and/or consenquences.


    • Substantial or continuous disruption of the learning environment
    • Profanity directed at students or staff
    • Physical aggression towards students or staff
    • Leaving a designated area without permission (standing outside the classroom door or taking a walk to ‘cool off’ is acceptable with teacher permission).
    • Refusing to enter or move to a designated location
    • Comments related to self-harm or threats to harm others
    • Using racial or ethnic slurs, or committing acts of harassment related to actual or perceived membership in a protected class (race, ethnicity, religious identity, disability, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity).
    • Stealing or intentionally damaging school property or the property of others
    • Refusing to follow refocus procedures or teacher directions


    Suspension Policy

    As we continue to develop and implement restorative justice practices through our Social-Emotional curriculum and work, it is our goal to mediate conflicts and heal our community with as few suspensions as possible.  If a student engages in one of the non-negotiables listed above, we offer alternatives to suspension as often as possible.


    Cell Phone and Technology Policy (Student Use)

    In the event of an emergency, students may use the office telephone to contact a parent or guardian.  Students may not have or use cellular phones or personal electronic devices during the school day.  Technology will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.  In the event of repeated cell phone/technology misuse, teachers and administrators may confiscate the technology and require a parent or guardian to come to the school to retrieve it.