K0 Center Based PreSchool
  • What does Special Education Look Like at the Thomas J. Kenny School?


    Kenny Special Education Defined

    Within our model, special education teachers are expected to:

    • Modify the general-education teacher’s lesson plan to include student accommodations as defined by their IEPs. Unless specifically stated in a student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), special education students participate in the same curriculum and take the same state, district and school exams as general education students.
    • Create and provide necessary accommodations to materials, timing and assessments as defined by IEPs.
    • Track and share student progress towards academic standards and IEP goals with students, homeroom teachers and parents/guardians through IEP progress reports and Kenny Elementary School mid-term progress reports.  
    • Complete required assessments and forms to present at IEP meetings.


    Within our model, general education teachers are expected to:

    • Read the IEPs of the students they instruct.  This includes homeroom teachers and specialist teachers.
    • Provide necessary classroom accommodations to students based on IEPs and 504 plans (ex. preferential seating; frequent breaks; extended time).  
    • Share daily lesson plans, materials and assessments in advance with special-education teachers.
    • Complete the Regular Education Assessment Sheet (Form A/B) and return it to the COSE at least 24 hours prior to an IEP meeting date.
    • Provide materials and work to covering substitutes prior to a scheduled IEP meeting.  
    • Hold students to the same behavior, grading, retention and promotion standards and policies, while working alongside the special education teacher and parent to provide the accommodations needed to meet those standards.


    Within our model, substantially separate teachers are expected to:

    • Adhere to the same expectations listed above.  Additionally, students in our substantially separate program should be provided with inclusive opportunities as often as possible.