• Programs and Partners

    The Adams Street Library

    The Adams Street Library is our closest Boston Public Library, located right next door at the corner of Adams Street and Oakton Avenue. The Adams Street Branch provides regular library hours to our classrooms and access to hundreds of books for our students to choose from. This branch also has technology, including computers and a substantial audio-visual collection. Many of our events throughout the year take place at the Adams Street Library, including our Countdown to Kindergarten events and End Of Year ceremonies for our Grade 5 students.  The Adams Street Library will undergo a multi-million dollar renovation beginning in 2018.

    Berklee College of Music, Small Group Instrument Instruction

    Each year, Berklee College of Music donates dozens of instruments, audio-visual equipment and classroom resources to the Kenny School. In addition, Berklee students provide during-and after-school small group music instruction to Kenny students through our Kenny Clubs program.

    Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

    The Big Sister Association of Greater Boston is a non-profit organization that provides group mentoring to Kenny students. Their mission is to ignite girls’ passion and power to succeed through positive mentoring relationships with women and enrichment programs that support girls’ healthy development. The Big Sister Association works with selected students at the Kenny through their Life Choices program, which promotes healthy decision-making and relationship building.  For information regarding group referrals, please contact Danielle Morrissey (City Connects School Site Coordinator at 617-635-8789).


    Building Our Kids’ Success (BOKS) is a free program offered by Reebok to Kenny Elementary School students on selected mornings in the fall and spring.  This program provides training and curriculum for our staff to assist our students with getting a positive start to their day with physical fitness. The BOKS program supports improved physical and emotional health, school attendance, strengthened leadership qualities, and connectedness to the school environment.  Students in grades 2-5 who are enrolled in our before-school program participate in the BOKS program on selected dates.

    Countdown to Kindergarten

    Countdown to Kindergarten engages families, educators and the community in a citywide effort to enhance early learning opportunities and to support the transition into kindergarten. At the Kenny School, hundreds of local families participate in the Countdown to Kindergarten program as they prepare their young ones for Kindergarten. Participants in the Countdown to Kindergarten program are not enrolled in the Kenny Elementary School and are not guaranteed a seat in our K1 or K2 classrooms.  Within the program, families learn about school readiness, participate in activities with their children and learn how to choose schools and register in the Boston Public Schools (BPS).  

    Families are encouraged to register for a seat at the Kenny School as early as possible to increase their chances of securing a K1 or K2 seat.   


    Community Volunteers & Reading Partners

    Our Kenny Community Volunteers are committed members of the local community that volunteer academic support, mentoring and supervision within the classroom.  These individuals play an important role in our school community and often participate in school events, field trips and staff functions. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact the main office secretary or our City Connects Coordinator, Danielle Morrissey, to initiate this process.


    BPS policy requires all volunteers and chaperones to be CORI approved every year, prior to working with students.  Because this process can take up to six weeks, we recommend that anyone who is interested in volunteering or chaperoning complete a CORI form as early as possible.  Blank forms are available at the school (and in this handbook) and must include a copy of a driver’s license, passport or other official photo identification.

    City Connects

    City Connects is Boston College program that partners with select Boston Public Schools and numerous community agencies within the city of Boston to provide connect and support students, families and local organizations to schools.  Our City Connects School Site Coordinator collaborates with the principal, teachers, service providers, teachers, and families to support every student attending the Kenny Elementary School. The School Site Coordinator is responsible for providing resources and information to address academic, social-emotional, health, and family needs. If you have any questions about services or programs that our City Connects School Site Coordinator can connect you to, please contact Danielle Morrissey at 617-635-8789 or danielle.morrissey@bc.edu.

    Doc Wayne

    The Doc Wayne program is a therapeutic sports program that provides clinical intervention for students beginning at age 6.  The mission of Doc Wayne is to fuse sports and therapy to heal and strengthen students through specialized sport-based programs.  Through Doc Wayne, the Kenny School has a trained clinician/coach whom reinforces positive behaviors through team sports. Participants are identified through discussion with the Kenny School staff and families or during the Student Support Team process to ensure appropriate referrals.  The Doc Wayne program offers group intervention inside and outside of school in the Greater Boston community.


    Green City Growers

    Through our partnership with Green City Growers, Kenny students learn about environmental sustainability and healthy living while harvesting an on-site organic garden! Our Green City Growers partner provides in-school gardening courses and workshops for students. During the school year, Green City Growers collaborates with our science teacher to participate in lessons related to plants, seeds, soil, and nutrition.

    Did you know that our gardens produce large amounts of fresh vegetables that are donated to families and local food pantries each month?


    Home for Little Wanderers and Independent Counseling Services (HFLW)

    The HFLW is a community based agency that provides school-based behavioral health counseling programs for many schools within the Boston Public School system.  The HFLW school-based program provides an array of clinical and support services during the school day, with minimal disruption to a child’s learning.  Referrals for this program are discussed between Kenny School staff (teachers, principal, City Connects) and HFLW clinicians to affirm appropriate referrals.  If you believe a student would benefit from school-based counseling, contact the City Connects School Site Coordinator, Danielle Morrissey, to discuss a counseling referral form.

    Illuminate Assessments / Measured Progress

    Beginning this year, all Kenny Students in grades 2-5 will participate in Measured Progress assessments using the  Illuminate online software. This exciting new software provides customized assessments that are paced to our English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum.  Teachers will administer these tests in the beginning, middle, and end of the school year to evaluate student progress against expected curriculum outcomes and to develop thoughtful interventions to meet the needs of their students.


    Rosie’s Place

    Rosie’s Place a shelter for women and children located in the South End of Boston. The advocates from Rosie’s Place are committed to providing guidance and resources to clients ranging from food and shelter to legal assistance, counseling services, health and wellness services, employment support, and academic opportunities.  Look for an updated schedule to find the dates that Rosie’s Place will be offering services for families from the Kenny Elementary School or contact Danielle Morrissey at the main line for information. 617-635-8789.


    Smart Smiles

    Smart Smiles is a school-based oral health program that is a collaboration between Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Programs.  This program provides comprehensive oral health services to students at the Kenny School on selected dates during the school year.


    SpotLit is a literacy program offered by the City Stage Company in a partnership with the Kenny Elementary School.  City Stage Company offers urban youth and families the opportunity to participate in performing arts, so they can make discoveries about themselves and the world.  One SpotLit coordinator works in collaboration with the Kenny School literacy instructors to encourage a kinesthetic style of learning.  This partnership not only incorporates movement into literacy, but also provides an opportunity for children to participate in an art/theater based activity during the school day.  

    Wallace Grant Recipient (Social Emotional Learning)

    The Kenny School is one of five Boston Public Schools selected to utilize a 1.5 million dollar grant dedicated to developing students’ positive social and emotional skills through improved school culture, social-emotional curriculum, restorative justice practices, and a focus on skills such as teamwork, self-regulation, and perseverance. This year will be the first of a four-year implementation plan that is aligned to Boston Public School’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards.  Learn more about SEL at: http://bpsselwell.weebly.com  


    Pierce House Museum

    Through our partnership with the Pierce House, Kenny School students have an opportunity to learn and discover history through a local lens.  Students participate in a series of lessons and activities in a historical location while learning about the history of Massachusetts and Dorchester.



    Playworks is a nonprofit program that partners with schools to promote the physical and social-emotional health and wellbeing of children by increasing opportunities for safe, meaningful play.​  Students participate in the Playworks program during their regularly scheduled recess blocks.