• Thomas J. Kenny School-Based Rules & Community Compact


    To Be A Member of the Thomas J. Kenny School Community Means…

    1. We are dedicated to our own learning and the learning of others.  
    2. We show respect, integrity and honesty.
    3. We use appropriate and kind words and solve problems peacefully with the help of an adult.
    4. We never hit, kick, push , hurt or threaten anyone.
    5. We respect school property and the property of others.
    6. We respect the diversity and differences of others.
    7. We follow directions from adults.
    8. We walk quietly and safely in the hallways.
    9. We always carry a pass and receive permission before leaving any location
    10. We come to school on-time and prepared to work.
    11.  We never chew gum, drink soda or eat candy in school.  
    12.  We never use cellular phones, video game systems, personal toys or electronics in school.
    13.  We wear the Kenny School uniform with pride.
    14.  We follow these expectations at all times, including when traveling to and from school, on a school bus, or during a field trip or event.


    These Thomas J. Kenny School Based Rules were developed and voted on by the Kenny School Site Council.  Students and parents are asked to sign and return this contract to homeroom teachers in September.