• At the Thomas J. Kenny School, we believe that:

    • Being a member of our school community as a student or staff member means being committed to being a learner and achiever.
    • All students deserve access to rigorous academics and high quality enrichment in a safe and supportive environment.       
    • All students can and must achieve at high levels.

    Kenny students have P.R.I.D.E. which stands for:


    P =  Perseverance

    R = Responsibility

    I  = Integrity

    D = Dedication

    E = Effort

    Our mascot is Willow the Wildcat!  ROAR!


    The Thomas J. Kenny School Pledge


    As a member of the Kenny community,

    I Persevere.

    I don’t give up, even when things get tough.   

    I am Responsible for the choices I make. I am in control of my own behavior.  

    I have Integrity.  I am honest and kind.

    I am Dedicated to my education.

    I put forth Effort towards my goals.

    Today and every day, I have  

    Kenny P.R.I.D.E.