• Contact with Teachers 

    Parents are encouraged to share insights and address concerns directly with teachers as they arise. Sometimes phone calls, notes, or e-mail messages will suffice. If a person-to-person conversation would be more helpful, a mutually agreeable time should be scheduled so as not to interfere with teaching and learning. If interested, parents may observe their child during the school day as long as a prior appointment has been made with the teacher.

    In September, the school will hold orientation meetings. After a brief welcoming in the auditorium, parents will go to classrooms where teachers, arts specialists, and therapists will explain the curricula, standards, and instructional strategies that they use. Our school also offers two scheduled opportunities for 15-minute individual conferences with homeroom teacher. The first occurs after Thanksgiving and the second in May or June. The purpose of these conferences is to look at your child’s work, compare it with standards, and offer appropriate suggestions for improvements.

    The email address for all Henderson Inclusion School employees can be found by visiting the Staff List