Office of Secondary Schools

  • Our fundamental goal is to ensure that all our Secondary Schools will prepare every young person for post-secondary, career and lifelong success. We are in the process of  redesigning students’ learning and experiences in all our 37 high schools and 4 educational programs.

    We provide customized interventions and supports for every school, whether they serve students in  grades 6-12 in Traditional, Pilot, Exam, Turnaround, Innovation, In-District Charter, or Horace Mann school settings. 

    Who We Are

    Our team members support high schools in order to ensure equity, coherence, and innovation in all our schools and other learning settings by working as a collaborative team, where decision-making is done during our weekly/bi-weekly meetings. We use data to inform and to drive our supports, instructional focus, and strategic ways to deploy design and adapt programs to specific school and community profile needs, including alternative interventions for level three and four schools.

    What We Do

    Our office supports all our Secondary Schools, headmasters, teachers, students, families, counselors and community members in fostering healthy school communities to support students’ academic, social and emotional growth, and college, career and life readiness. All work is focused on improving student outcomes. Our goal is to provide a laser focus on instructional improvement in all secondary schools to support teaching and learning in order to raise student achievement for all students. Through a clear focus on the instructional core – teacher, student, and content – using data to inform decision-making, having high expectations for all students, and providing quality instruction for our students, we believe all our students can graduate college, career and life ready.


  • Office of Secondary Schools

    2300 Washington Street
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