Office of the Ombudsperson

  • The Ombudsperson serves as an objective and neutral party tasked with listening and investigating complaints within the Boston Public School system. The Ombudsperson is a central point of contact and resource for parents and other members of the community who have concerns related to our schools and the District. The Ombudsperson represents the Superintendent in matters of concern.

    Who We Are

    Ombudsperson provides an impartial forum in which to consider options and resolve issues that arise within our schools, and to give feedback on systemic concerns. We will work with you to listen, investigate, clarify and direct your questions, concerns and complaints in a confidential, fair and timely manner to the appropriate party. The four basic principles of the Ombudsperson are neutrality, independence, confidentiality and informality.

    What We Do

    We seek to enhance the ability of all customers to deal more effectively with challenging situations on their own. If assistance is needed beyond individual coaching, further information can be gathered on behalf of the student, referrals can be made to those with expertise in a specific area or proper authorities at the school. When appropriate, the Ombudsperson can provide shuttle diplomacy, group facilitation or informal mediation services to help find a satisfactory solution. The customer decides which course of action, if any, is taken and that action is tailored to fit each situation.