Department of Innovation

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    BPS students are the leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of tomorrow. The mission of BPS Innovation is to grow our organization’s capacity to make this future real, especially for our most marginalized students. 

    Who We Are

    We are a small, collaborative team committed to growing innovation equity: connecting students, teachers, school leaders, and staff in our innovation deserts to opportunities in the Innovation Economy, where the work of building the future is being done.  

    We work to grow BPS’s innovation capacity: the ability to generate new solutions at every level of BPS from classrooms to schools to the central office.

    What We Do

    • We develop a vision of what 21st century schools can be.
    • We network BPS staff to each other and to collaborators and opportunities around the nation.
    • We support the redesign of existing schools and programs in relation to the Innovation Economy and student-centered learning.
    • We support the development of new school-based programs focused on innovative experiences for BPS students.
    • We support change management processes in all the above areas.
    • We build data-based tools to enable and spread innovation.