Department of Adult Education

  • To provide a variety of high-quality educational services to BPS parents, children, employees, and other Boston residents to develop their educational status, political status, economic status, and lives.

    Who We Are 

    We are focused on responding to adults in need of education and have recognized that critical to the success of every child’s education is parent and family involvement. In order to improve learning for all children, educational opportunities are made available for parents and other adults in the community.

    What We Do

    We provide necessary skills that prepare parents to enter the workforce, higher education, and job training. Our adult students represent the Boston community: native-born Americans and immigrants who need educational credentials, English language skills, and math proficiency to compete in the workforce.


    Thinking about going back to school?

    We offer different pathways to help you earn a high school diploma, improve your English language skills, or prepare you for a career in Culinary Arts. You can register by using our online ENROLLMENT FORM.

    The fall semester starts September 2021.

  • Department of Adult Education

    Madison Park Complex - Building 1

    55 Malcolm X Boulevard

    Roxbury, MA 02120

    Phone: 617.635.9300 
    Fax: 617.635.9045

    Kristen D'Avolio 
    Senior Director
    Karla DeLeon
    Director, Student Affairs