Academics Response Team

  • The Academic Response Team is an internal resource available to work alongside school communities in closing opportunity and achievement gaps. The Academic Response Team is proud to be a partner in this critical work. 

    Who We Are

    The Academic Response Team is three multi-disciplinary teams of experienced educators that support BPS schools and teachers.  
    Our team operates as a community of practice, articulating, and refining principles and approaches so that they can be applied and adapted to effectively serve the schools in which we work.

    What We Do

    As a strategically built team, ART supports BPS learning communities with the implementation of sustainable, research-based teaching practices. We assist schools in reaching their instructional and student learning targets. The Academic Response Team provides expertise, tools, and materials that help both the individual teacher and teams at all instructional levels. To do this in an effective and sustainable manner, ART builds collaborative responsibility with school teams to use protocols, structures, and strategies to impact pedagogy and student engagement.