Office of Academics and Professional Learning

  • Who We Are

    In order to be better positioned to support schools, APL has reorganized to better reflect school-based structures. Our new structure is organized by grade band. Each grade band is led by an Executive Director and the members of each grade band team represent math, ELA and Literacy, science, and history/social studies.  This structure allows APL to coordinate instructional guidance across content areas and to streamline communication and supports for schools and educators. The structure also provides school leaders with single points of contact when they need guidance, support, or thought partnership. Executive directors are the points of contact for school leaders.

    The following are the grade-band teams:

    • Primary Team (PK-2) Team
    • Elementary/Middle School (GR 3-8) Team
    • High School (9-12) Team
    • K-12 World Language programming
    • K-12 Arts 

    What We Do

    Academics and Professional Learning ensures that all educators have access to the knowledge, skills, and resources that they need to provide every BPS student with a high-quality, culturally and linguistically sustaining, and well-rounded education that prepares them to actively and responsibly read, write, reason, communicate, create, and compute effectively within a global society.