Global Education

  • The Department of Global Education seeks to increase the quality and number of international experiences for all BPS students. To that end, the department takes a comprehensive approach to promoting global citizenship through eight key program areas.
    Our program areas are:
    • Support schools, teachers, and students in programmatic development and implementation of travel abroad programs, including student exchanges, study tours, language immersion programs, and service learning
    • Improve access for low income students to these educational programs; encourage equity across all BPS schools for global education initiatives
    • Collect and distribute global education curricula and other resources to schools and teachers, including support for effective fundraising and grant proposals
    • Facilitate partnerships and encourage support between schools and organizations that provide global experiences for students and educators
    • Provide professional development for teachers in collaboration with partner organizations
    • Strengthen risk reduction strategies to assure safe and secure day, overnight, and international travel
    • Connect international educators and schools to BPS through school visits and sister-school relationships
    • Provide ongoing communication about global education opportunities district-wide