Engineering & Robotics

  • TechBoston supports engineering programs in schools for grades ranging from preK-12 through professional developments, curriculum and technical support, and engineering events.  

    Engineering programs supported by TechBoston include (Note - Grade levels are approximate):

    • Bee-Bots for grades K0 and up
    • KIBO robots for grades K2 and 1
    • LEGO WeDo and Scratch for grades 3 through 6
    • LEGO NXT and EV3 for middle and high schools
    • Hands-on Engineering Activities (i.e., bottle rockets, gliders, etc) for grades 3 and up
    • Learning Programming using Scratch
    • ArtBotics: Using robotics components to create moving artwork
    • Robotics Olympics: A citywide competition for LEGO Robotics students 

    If you or your school is interested in starting an engineering program, please contact Haruna Hosokawaat