BPS Systems

  • Aspen SIS

    Aspen is our student information system. Teachers, parents, and students can access daily communications here.



    BPSLearns is Boston Public Schools' learning management system for online and blended professional learning. BPS staff log in at learn.mybps.org using their BPS ID and BPS Gmail password. BPSLearns is frequently used for online courses developed by our external partners. If you are interested in taking or developing a course, contact Ed Considine in BPSTechnology.



    EDFS is our online educator performance evaluation system. To learn more about it, visit the EDFS homepage.



    MyLearningPlan is Boston Public Schools' website for professional development. Visit the MyLearningPlan resource webpage to learn more about how you can register for courses on a variety of subjects and earn professional development credit.

    Access MyLearningPlan in one of two ways:

    1. Go to your Gmail account and locate the "waffle icon" in the top right corner (Apps Launcher). Click on it and scroll down to find MyLearningPlan. Click on it.
    2. Log into the BPS Digital Backpack (Clever) at www.clever.com/in/bostonpublic with your BPS Gmail. MyLearningPlan is one of the listed apps under Staff Links.