Library Services

  • Boston Public Schools Library Services provides centralized support Boston Public School communities and Library Team members.

    The Library Services Department strives to:

    • Provide central leadership to schools and departments to ensure that library media centers play a central role in achieving academic targets.
    • Lead the strategic planning process, in conjunction with OIIT and the BPS Academic Office.
    • Work closely with Principals and Headmasters to build capacity around library media center development and management.
    • Enhance equitable access to digital, multimedia, and print resources to foster the infusion of 21st century learning skills into the learning environment.
    • Provide professional development for school library team members to support their work as effective teachers and digital/information literacy leaders at their schools.
    • Act as a liaison between BPS Library Services and other BPS departments, local libraries, and public, non-profit and private organizations.

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