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  • Boston Saves is a children’s savings account program that helps families of BPS students start saving for their children’s college or career training from K2 kindergarten onward.

    How does Boston Saves work?

    Family Updates

    Every participating kindergartner receives a Boston Saves account with $50 for their future college or career training. Families can earn even more money for their child, called Boston Saves Dollars, and track those savings online. Along the way, Boston Saves families and students can learn more about how to make the most of their money to plan for the future.  

    Learn how to earn Boston Saves dollars.

    New Log In Portal - Where did the old login button go?

    Boston Saves is currently moving to a new platform for its log in portal. If your child is already part of Boston Saves, the money in their account is still in place and will appear in the new log in portal, which will be available in Fall 2019. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for family updates to receive notice of upcoming Boston Saves events and the launch of the new portal. If you have any questions, please email bostonsaves@boston.gov. Thank you for your patience!

    Key features of Boston Saves

    • Starting deposit: Get $50 for your child's future in their Boston Saves account.
    • Boston Saves Dollars: Complete simple steps to earn more money for your child.
    • Community support: Connect with other families at fun Boston Saves events.
    • Financial education: Learn how to save and pay for college or career training.
    • Savings tools: Track the savings in your child’s Boston Saves account online.

    Who is eligible to participate in Boston Saves?

    Starting in Fall 2019, every child entering K2 Kindergarten at BPS district schools will receive a Boston Saves account. At certain Boston Saves “pilot” schools, students in higher grades will also have accounts because their schools started the program earlier. See the chart below for details.

    All students and families in Boston Public Schools will be able to access the program’s financial tips and resources.

    Participating Pilot Schools

    Eligible Grades SY2019-2020

    Cohort 1

    Conley Elem.

    Harvard-Kent Elem.

    McKay K-8

    Otis Elem.

    Roosevelt K-8


    Cohort 2

    Gardner Pilot

    Haynes EEC

    King K-8

    Mattahunt Elem.

    West Zone ELC

    Winship Elem.



    All other BPS schools