• Adult Learning and Collaboration 

    Our school is focused on intentionally disrupting the school to prison pipeline by providing a safe, positive, and enriching learning environment that supports all students’ social-emotional and academic growth.  As a staff we commit to embracing and modeling a growth mindset in all that we do. We believe adult learning and collaboration are paramount to improving instruction, thus improving student achievement.  The following are the school teams  we currently have at the Irving.  


    Instructional Leadership Team 

    The Irving Instructional Leadership Team aims to inspire, model, and lead the learning and growth of our students and staff.  We operate from a belief that every student can learn.  We will accomplish our work through ongoing collaboration around data, feedback, and reflection.  This team is comprised of administrators and teacher leaders.  

    Content Teams (Math, ELA, Humanities, and Science)

    Our core content teachers meet in their content teams twice per week to engage in learning and collaborative planning related to our Instructional Focus. 

    Student Support

    Grade Level/Program Teams 
    Our core content teachers meet in their grade level or program teams once per week to collaboratively review student data related to attendance, grades, and behavior and use their analysis to create incentive and intervention plans.  
    Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model (CBHM) Team
    The mission of the Irving CBHM team is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through meaningful and trusting student-staff interactions while supporting students in learning and recognizing positive school behaviors.  The team commits to ongoing development and monitoring of data driven decision-making and implementation of systems of support. 


    School Site Council
    The School Site Council is the central governing body of the school and ensures that the ongoing work of the school supports the Irving mission and priorities. Members do this by providing oversight for the work of other teams, supporting strategic budget decisions, and ensuring high quality hiring decisions are made. Members must establish two-way communication with the staff more broadly to represent them well on the team. The team includes teachers and parents.  
    School Parent Council
    The School Parent Council is team solely comprised of parents of Irving students.