• Cohort Model:

    In an effort to build meaningful relationships and best support our students’ needs, our school is organized by grade/program clusters. Within each grade/program cluster, students are assigned to cohorts and travel with their cohort to most of their classes.  This school year we are planning intentional opportunities to help students bond with other members of their cohort through our bi-monthly grade level community building events.  

    Core Academic Courses: Math, ELA, Science, Humanities

    Elective Courses:  Art, Technology, Physical Education, Multimedia, Japanese (AWC)


    2017-2018 Schedule
    All students have:
    • 4 core academic courses
    • 2 elective courses
    • 1 Literacy course (four times per week)
    • 1 Advisory Block (once per week)
    Each block is 60 minutes with the expectation of the Literacy Block which is 40 minutes.