• Instructional Focus

    In all content areas teachers design standards-aligned tasks that allow students to make their thinking visible through explanation and demonstration of their reasoning.  Teachers use data and artifacts of student reasoning to determine next steps in their teaching and planning for that standard in order to help all students grow and ultimately reach mastery.

    What do we mean by Making Thinking Visible (MTV)?
    At the Irving we are focused on building a culture of thinking.  Our Instructional Focus prioritizes student thinking to drive instructional planning and assessment.  

    School Priorities:

    1. Cultivate a literacy rich school culture and environment

    2. Use data to track student growth and perform analysis to strategically plan and   differentiate instruction

    3. Increase inclusive opportunities for students in special education programs, including students in substantially separate classrooms

    4. Leverage common language around social emotional skills and core values to strengthen school culture and climate using the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model

    5. Model and embrace a Growth Mindset in our work and learning