• In this Guide, you will find a list of resources and information that will be useful for future meetings and community input opportunities that may take place in the coming months and years. Please familiarize yourself with these tools and the information provided to maximize our opportunity to fully participate in shared decisions.

    All of our policies and rules have only one goal: to help prepare every student for success in college, career, and life in a safe, healthy, and welcoming learning environment. With your support and involvement, we can reach that goal together.

    Why is this Guide important?

    • It explains many of the policies that affect students.
    • It describes the many ways families can support their children’s learning at school and at home. 
    • It explains the many rights that are guaranteed by law to students and their parents, such as:
      • The right to be treated equally, regardless of race or disability; 
      • The right to participate in school decision-making;
      • The right to know the qualifications of a child’s teacher; 
      • The right to privacy regarding student records;
      • It also advises parents and students about what to do if they think their rights may have been violated.
    • It gives helpful information on many topics, from testing to transportation to health services to school cancellations.
    • It has directories of contact information for our schools and offices, a checklist for solving problems, and education resources for families.