Strategic Implementation Plan Overview (Phase II)

  • Culminating over a year of research, discussion, and review of feedback from the community, Boston Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Tommy Chang has presented the BPS Strategic Implementation Plan to the Boston School Committee. The plan builds on the district's strengths and addresses core challenges.

    Implementing an inclusive, rigorous, and culturally/linguistically sustaining PK-12 instructional program that serves the development of the whole child.  
    Attracting, developing, and retaining a highly effective team that is responsive to the diverse racial, cultural, and linguistic needs of Boston youth.  
    Engaging families and community organizations as advocates and partners for equity, access, and results for all students. 
    Delivering a coordinated system of high-quality support, customer service, and communications centrally and at schools. 
    Building a sustainable financial system that invests resources equitably and strategically.  

    Next level initiatives

    Each focus area includes initiatives and milestones, which determines the makeup of the work. The plan further outlines development tracking methods with metrics that can provide insight into success rates and areas for continued growth.

    Strategic Vision Overview (Phase I)

    The Strategic Implementation Plan represents the culmination of a strategic planning process begun by the Boston School Committee (BSC), which resulted in the adoption of a Strategic Vision in February 2015. Throughout 2014, prior to the hiring of Superintendent Chang, the BSC and Boston Public Schools' leadership conducted a series of community meetings to generate aspirations and priorities for the district, with the expectation that the new Superintendent would present a more detailed implementation plan, including specific initiatives, timelines, and measurable outcomes.  

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