• Upcoming Events

    Middle School Field Day June 27th, 2017, 10am at Peter's Park. All parents and caregivers of 6th and 7th graders are welcome!
    Save the Date for our Back to School BBQ and Potluck Party on Sept 29th Friday 2017 (rain date Oct 13th) 4-7pm, at the Washington Street school building playground - All Families and Staff welcome!
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    ~Welcome to the JQUS Parent Council~

    If you are the caregiver of a student at JQUS then you have a vital role in our growing Parent Council. Everyone is welcome & this group is a way to stay connected, share important information about school happenings, extracurricular opportunities, and pertinent events in the community.
    We look forward to getting to know you & your family better.
    (Emails will be kept to a minimum & you may request to be removed from this group at anytime.)


    如果您关心您在昆士中学就读的子女, 您就在我们正在成长的家长委员会中起一个重要的作用。欢迎大家一起参与﹐这个小组是让大家保持连系,
    分享重要资讯, 这些资讯是关于学校的事情、课外的机会以及社区的相关活动。
    (电子邮件会尽量简少, 同时您可以在任何时间要求退出这个小组。)

    ~Bienvenidos al Consejo de Padres JQUS~

    Si usted es el cuidador de un estudiante en JQUS entonces usted tiene un papel vital en nuestra creciente del Consejo de Padres . Todo el mundo es bienvenido y este grupo es una manera de mantenerse conectado cuota de información , acerca de los acontecimientos importantes de la escuela , oportunidades extracurriculares y eventos pertinentes de la comunidad. Esperamos conocer a usted y su familia mejor.
    Para suscribirse correo electrónico jqus-parent-council@googlegroups.com