School-Community Partnerships

  • The Office of School-Community Partnerships helps enable all students to reach their full potential by empowering schools, partners and the district to effectively manage partnerships and provide equitable access to high-quality opportunities.


    Theory of Change 

    The Office of School-Community Partnerships utilizes the following theory of change to guide its systems-level, district-wide and school-based strategies:

    If we equitably, systemically and innovatively raise expectations, increase knowledge, build capacity and allocate resources, then we will empower school, partner and district efforts to leverage school-partnerships as a key strategy for enabling students to reach their full potential.

    Depicted in the Office’s Strategic Approach Diagram below, this theory of change drives its approach and actions:
     Theory Of Change
    The following overarching goals guide each key strategy within the Office of School-Community Partnerships’ Theory of Change:
    • Expectations Goal: Establish a shared set of standards, practices, policies and accountabilities that raise expectations for BPS school-community partnerships.
    • Knowledge Goal: Empower schools and the entire school-community partnerships landscape by increasing access to best practice tools, standards, and data in the areas of partnership effectiveness and high quality service delivery. 
    • Capacity Building Goal: Improve the skills and ability of a diverse community of schools leaders, partners and central office staff to better manage partnerships, improve service quality, and align student and school needs with partner services. 
    • Resource Goal: Increase financial and non-financial resources to support equitable access to partnership opportunities and strengthen partnership management infrastructure.

    Strategic Objectives

    The Office of School-Community Partnerships advances three strategic objectives:
    1. Strengthen Partnership Effectiveness; 
    2. Increase Equitable Access to Partner Service; and 
    3. Expand High-Quality Partner Services. 

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