Admissions and Our Evaluation Unit

  • The Evaluation Unit at Horace Mann School provides diagnostic assessments and comprehensive services to deaf and hard of hearing children.

    Children with hearing loss are evaluated to determine their eligibility to receive Special Education and related services at the Horace Mann School or referred to more appropriate settings for their needs. This evaluation process includes children from Boston and surrounding towns.

    Want to learn more about enrolling at Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing? Contact Anna Davis, our Coordinator of Special Education (COSE), at

  • The COSE (Coordinator of Special Education) is usually the first person contacted by parents, hospitals, early intervention centers and others when a hearing loss is diagnosed and specialized education services are considered for a student.

    Each year, the COSE continues to meet with parents/guardians/families and school staff to review each student's progress and develop a new IEP. Every three years, this includes a re-evaluation every three years.

  • The COSE is responsible for:

    ✔︎ arranging for all necessary assessments,

    ✔︎ chairing the meeting where families, school staff and evaluators share the results and make recommendations for the student's educational program, and

    ✔︎ developing the IEP (Individualized Educational Program) and monitoring the delivery of services based on the team meeting discussions.

  •  What does the Individual Education Program (IEP) process look like?



👤 Evaluation Unit Team Members

Name Title
Alice Pascall-Speights Literacy Coach
Anna Davis Coordinator of Special Education
Anna Murphy Speech Language Pathologist
Audrey Koczela Math Coach
Charlotte Lunde Speech Language Pathologist
Dr. MaryKate Bisaillon Educational Audiologist
Kate Angoff Secondary Program Director
Kelly Colton Social Worker
Lis Drake School Psychologist
Megan Malzkuhn ASL Specialist
Melissa Brown Elementary Program Director