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    To help every child succeed, our Office of Special Education and Student Services focuses on academic outcomes, aspirations for our students and regulatory compliance. Today, we are providing our students with more stability and continuity, new opportunities for inclusion and higher-quality programs that are aligned with district efforts to help all our students reach a high standard. 


    Our students have equitable opportunities to engage in innovative, high quality instruction in the least restrictive environment, empowering each youth to achieve at high levels leading to post-secondary success.


    To eliminate the achievement gap by providing equal access to high quality comprehensive services that support student achievement, family, and community engagement.
    'ACCEPTANCE' Selected As Cover Artwork for Boston Public Schools 2019-20 Guide to BPS For Students and Families

    Under the direction of Toni Nurse and ABA Program Directors, created by Art Teacher Chris Hall, the “Acceptance” piece was a collaborative effort with the Applied Behavior Analysis Team and students with Autism in the Boston Public Schools.  Students were given a 5 x 7 piece of paper and asked to answer the prompts, “What is your superpower?" and “What makes you special?”  Each school was given a different color. Chris Hall used the sheets of paper to create the final piece that highlights our students' individuality across the District.

    To view 'ACCEPTANCE', please click here.

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